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Coca-Cola feet The new global brand philosophy and Real Magic platform, encourage everyone to pay attention to what is truly magical in each person.

The company explains that the Real Magic platform is built on the experience of the past year and a half from the pandemic.

The platform takes into account the contradictions that new generations face as they seek harmony and interdependence with others in a virtual and divided world.

– Coca-Cola is a brand defined by the divisions: humble yet legendary; authentic but mysterious; Manolo Arroyo, Coca-Cola’s Marketing Director, confirmed that it’s real but charming. Real Magic’s philosophy is based on the belief that divisions can make the world more interesting – full of extraordinary people, unexpected opportunities and wonderful moments. At the same time, this philosophy describes the essence: Coca-Cola and its taste is a unique and indescribable touch of real magic.

Definition update, new vision for the logo

Real Magic, Coca-Cola 1’s first new global platform since 2016, is In parallel with the updated visual definition, including a new vision for the Coca-Cola logo, which will appear in all marketing activities.

The Hug (Hug) logo, inspired by the brand’s shape on Coca-Cola packaging, changes its upward rounded shape on the bottle and can labels – in a way that creates a visual signature that captures and preserves the magical moments in all communication with the brand.

As part of the new platform, Coca-Cola collaborates with artists, photographers and illustrators who, by appropriately capturing the Hug logo, bring the concept of Real Magic to life. Responsible for graphic design, among others Wieden + Kennedy London, KnownUnknown and Kenyon Weston.

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Real Magic is not just a one-time slogan or campaign. It’s the brand’s long-term philosophy that will create communications about the Coca-Cola brand and set its direction – says Manolo Arroyo.

What is important is what unites

The “Real Magic” platform is accompanied by a new campaign “One Coke apart”. The Polish slogan of the campaign is “Coca-Cola brings us together”. This metaphor appeals to the belief that what unites us is stronger than what divides us, and that human beings are the most important of our common experience.

In the commercial, the question is whether Coca-Cola, as a symbol of community, will be able to connect worlds – separated by definition – in a way that creates True Magic. The film features DJ Alan Walker and Aerial Powers, cast member of Liquid and Average Jonas.

The campaign was created in collaboration With advertising agency BETC Worldwide, film director Daniel Wolf, and production partner specializing in video games and CGI, Mathematic.

Activities include Also digital achievements in social media and outdoor advertising.

Find icons

On October 11, Coca-Cola will launch a search for codes in select markets, and participants will be able to win prizes, including play sessions with famous players. There are 25 hidden codes in the promotional video for the new campaign. Thanks to a collaboration with Brand Partnership Studio, the Twitch branch responsible for partnerships with other brands – an interactive streaming platform, game developers will unlock 10 more tokens while broadcasting live on their Twitch channels. In participating countries, Coca-Cola will award prizes to consumers who find and enter hidden codes on the Coca-Cola website.

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As part of the sweepstakes, winners will have the chance to win a prize by participating in one of the largest pool of Bits ever, a virtual resource used to support streamers on Twitch.

– With the Real Magic platform, we want to engage people in a whole new way to gather unique experiences – says Manolo Arroyo. – The “Coca-Cola Brings Us Together” campaign has been created for the community and with a community that has completely new expectations. While working on it, we’ve built collaborations with top creators, with Twitch and with other entities.

For the past five years, Coca-Cola has been promoted on the “Taste the Feeling” marketing platform. In 2016, the company decided that all of its brands would be promoted in one campaign and there would be no separate activities for individual brands.