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Comedian Philippe Chevalier will vote for Marine Le Pen in 2022

Half of the duo “Chevallier et Laspalès” reveal their intention to vote. He says he wants to vote for the National Rally candidate if she faces Macron in the second round.

Seven months before the presidential election, comedian Philippe Chevalier revealed to the duo “Chevallier et Laspalès” that he would vote for Marine Le Pen if she found herself in the second round against Emmanuel Macron.

“For now, I’m going to put my newsletter into the Navy. I find it has a popular base. I don’t say it out of demagogy. I find that there are people who are suffering,” he notes in an interview. Star Play TV This is the representative who defines himself as the “Sovereign”.

“I am afraid of globalization, of the society we present to it,” continues the person who made millions of spectators laugh with the play. My wife’s name is Maurice. “I don’t like transhumanism, I don’t like artificial intelligence. I like what Philippe de Villiers calls ‘the work of the heart and the hand.'” disintegrates. “

“My wife is Senegalese”

This is the first time for the comedian, who has so far always refused any public political comment.

“I think the artist shouldn’t be bound. Regis (Las Palis) didn’t want us to talk about it.”

According to him, his theater companion would be “reluctant”. Faced with the criticism he might receive for his political views, Philippe Chevalier had already prepared his response.

“My wife is Senegalese, and I have no lessons to take.”

He is one of the rare cultural figures, along with Brigitte Bardot and Frank de Laberson, to publicly support Marine Le Pen.

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