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Confession in “Who is stealing the show from me?” – Joko does not recognize Udo Juergens – TV

Joko Winterscheidt (42) abluchsen The show – That was the goal of celebrity nominees Bastian Pastuka (49), Teddy Tekleberhan (38), Sherine David (26) and wildcard candidate Simon (29) from Frankfurt on Tuesday night.

Last week, comedian Bastian Pastuka reached the final – but ultimately failed because of host Goku. However, rapper Shereen David went in a pit: “I’m scared with you. You’ve been so good, surprisingly.”

But there was also an entirely new competition. Actor Simon was hoping to get a big TV opportunity as Goku’s replacement: “Acting isn’t going well.”

In Stefan Raab’s memorial game “Wadde hadde dudde da” the songs had to be guessed by sorting the text according to the parts of speech.

Comedian Teddy tried to guess one song: “Now I have two in my mind. Matthias Rehm or Bauer. Or – I noticed now from the reaction that I was wrong. I say Matthias Rehm. But can you sing the last word again? Now I’ve forgotten everything of excitement.”

Goku almost loses his patience: “Man is driving me crazy! Teddy is because you are, really. You don’t have a chance to hear that again.”

Teddy continues to think frantically and tightly on Goku’s strings of patience. The thread of his hat nearly exploded: “You can’t always just ring and then claim five minutes of broadcast!”

Then Simon knew the correct answer, which recognized one of the absolute classics: “I am not with Matthias Rem, but with the ‘Greek wine’ of Odo Jurgens.”

He gave Teddy (on the left) everything, but he didn’t have a chance to get special rights with GokuPhoto: ProSieben / Claudius Pflug

This answer was correct, but it led to a nostalgic moment for announcer Joko: “I was once in Düsseldorf, at a bar. It’s called ‘Tino.'” This is an old, decent bar with deep leather chairs and great drinks. Waiters come with a tray and white gloves. Udo Juergens ran all the way Evening. At some point we said to the waiter: “Can something be played other than Udo Jurgens?” “Then the waiter said to us, “Please go to the piano and tell him yourself.”

Goku perplexed: “We didn’t check it out because we were too drunk, but Udo Jurgens sat at the piano all evening and played himself. That was unbelievable!”

Of course, that point went to Simon anyway – and he even managed to make his way to the final as the first-ever wildcard winner.

In the end, however, Goku Winterscheidt defends his position again and is thus the host once again of “Who Steals The Show From Me?” next Tuesday.

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