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Corona Warning App: This is how many users are using contact tracking – the new web app displays all devices in the vicinity

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It’s hard to believe, but this one Corona Virus “We” have occupied us for more than a year, and it is difficult to predict when the epidemic will end. Last year, apps to track contacts were developed in many countries, such as Germany Corona-Warn app. Anyone interested in distributing them in their own environment can check it now with a simple web application.

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It was a masterpiece by Google, Apple and many other big developers around the world last year: developing contact tracing apps like the German app. Corona-Warn app Including the basic infrastructure in the operating system. Technically speaking, the applications might not present much of a challenge, but conceiving, developing and deploying something like this across ecosystems in a few weeks is unthinkable. Just like the national developments of applications commissioned by the state. But that is not what this article is about.

In the media and among friends, you can hardly avoid the Corona warning application and in a few weeks it has already been installed on more than ten million smartphones. But what does it look like today? Apps still make an important contribution, but the epidemic fatigue for many people may also cause prevalence to slow again. This is easy to see from the general stats.

A simple web app can now inform you of the prevalence of these apps in your immediate area. COVID-LENS It simply lists all the Bluetooth devices whose contact tracing interface is activated on Android or Apple devices.

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Covid lens

If you have summoned the web app and started discovering, all nearby Bluetooth devices that have contact tracing and actively using this interface will be listed within a few seconds. Since the apps are constantly being populated in order to enable contact tracing in the first place, this can also be called using this web app. All you need is an Android smartphone and Chrome or other Chromium-based browser.

The menu is displayed directly in the browser, so the app itself doesn’t have much to do other than open this interface. No data is sent to the web app or any other server, everything happens entirely locally. Unsupported device display is completely normal. It’s not about getting to know a device or even a user, but simply knowing how many apps are actively used in the area. Signal strength Should Show how far away the device is.

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