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Crka star Myslovitz in "The Voice Kids".  Will 14-year-old Bola do a big business? [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Crka star Myslovitz in “The Voice Kids”. Will 14-year-old Bola do a big business? [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

In subsequent auditions for the blind fifth edition of “The Voice Kids”, viewers see the performance of 14-year-old Bola Kuderska from Mysovice. Myslovitz, daughter of the musician of the famous band Mysoviz. Will the fashion singer convince the jury?

“The Voice Kids 5”. There are blind choices

Currently airing on television Pita Edikza “The Voice Kids”. Winners of previous seasons of the popular concert: Roxana Vigil, Ania “Anika” Diprovska, Marcin Masizzak and Sarah James. The advertising program will also include stars such as Vicky Kapoor, Kuba Smojkovsky or Natalia Jastpa. In the new chapters There is no shortage of very talented singers. The program is complete In the blind state. When the coaches, namely Cleo, David Kvyatkovsky, Thomson and Baron finish their teams, the time for battles will come.

Bola Kuderska on “The Voice Kids 5”

The next episode will be auditioned in the dark for the fifth edition of “The Voice Kids”. TVP2 will show it next Saturday – March 19 at 20.00. This time we will see the stage with the rest 14-year-old Paul Gudersk. Teenager Cleo decided to perform a song for the boys of David and Afromental “Boj się o się” by duo Kaka Sochaka & Vitto Pampino. It turns out that the 14-year-old girl received her love of music from her famous father. His father was a musician for the Myslovits band.

Bola Guderska is the daughter of the musician of the Myslovits band

Guderska, as we will see in the fifth edition of “The Voice Kids”, Comes from Mysowice.

I think Mysowice is known from the Myslovitz band. I know this band because my father plays in this band – He admitted in front of TVP cameras.

Is a 14-year-old father Wojciech Kutersky has been playing the drums on the Myslovits band since 1992.. The musician took his daughter to the first concert when she was one year old.

Thanks to the fact that my dad plays in this band, I can sometimes go to some concerts with him, but I think my dad is a normal dad. It’s part of my soul mate – Like in Guderska.

And the boy’s father is his biggest fan.

Treat her like my friend. If my daughter wants to follow in my footsteps, I will support her and do everything I can to avoid getting hurt on this road. – Drummer Myslovitz promises.