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Dad Jill Lelouch: Big pressure from daughter Ava, 12, to accept the role

You have to be patient again, and be patient before you find out gel to wash Under the guise of Obelix, the bearer of the famous illuminator imagined by Goscinny and Uderzo. In 2019 the actor officially announced that he would take over the character played so far by Gerard Depardieu … and the next composition of the saga, titled Middle EmpireNot showing in theaters until February 2023!

The ghost of Gerard Depardieu paralyzed me

We consider ourselves happy, all the same. Jill Lelouch almost never agreed to take on the role of Asterix’s best friend. And for good reason, in the minds of the audience, he’s been another actor who has been associated with the character since the first part, which was directed by Claude Zeddi in 1999.”I hesitated a lotExplained on the filming site c for youJanuary 11, 2022. Actually because I didn’t have that potential option in my head. Then, because of the ghost of Gérard Depardieu, who was the only translator of Obelix, he paralyzed me. Everyone told me about it, and rightly so, it is irreplaceable. So I tried to do something else. “

She’s 12 years old and she was the one who made me want

It was an intervention that took place in the family and ended up convincing him to say:YesTo Guillaume Canet, the next film director and new translator for Asterix.The one who opened my eyes is my daughter, The actor in France added 5. One day, I was more anxious than another, I was so scared and told myself I wouldn’t do it. she said to me : ‘Wait, I didn’t get it right, wouldn’t you Obelix? Dad, I don’t want to hear you talk about this, Obelix will! She has 12 years and she was the one who made me want.“In a relationship with Mélanie Doutey from 2002 to 2013, Gilles Lellouche welcomed his youngest Ava in 2009. He broke up with his partner, is in love with someone else, and no doubt doubted that becoming a father would turn his life upside down… but maybe not his career. !

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