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“Dave Me” video: Alexander Astaire is bitter over the failure of his film with Isabelle Adjani

“Dave Me” video: Alexander Astaire is bitter over the failure of his film with Isabelle Adjani

On Friday, March 25, Camelot fans will be able to dive once again into Camelot – Part 1, which was released in theaters last year and aired on Channel +. guest on a group ofasideAlexander Astaire director of the feature film, He agreed to return to David and Madame Hansen’s failure in which he responded to Isabel Adjani.

Alexander Astaire has no tongue in his pocketIt has been proven once again. The actor and director who filmed it Camelot – Part 1 It airs on Friday 25 March on Canal +, and was present on a group ofasideto discuss his career, and in particular the success Camelot. To adapt the series to the cinema, Alexander Astaire had put the small plates in the bigIt surrounds itself with a golden layer.

At the France Inter microphone, the director admitted that Sting, on the film’s poster, did not hesitate when he was offered the role. “For once I didn’t just want an actor, I wanted an icon. What I love about is not just bringing a character, but Sting. You can’t separate Sting’s character from his name, what he did, and it was this inconsistency, this inconsistency that drew me in. And besides, I think it works‘, he explained.

“That was bad”

But Sting isn’t the only one to have accepted Alexander Astaire’s invitation, with Alain Chabat, Geraldine Nacache, Audrey Floro, Christian Clavier, Guillaume Gallian, Clovis Cornelac or even Antoine de Kaunes responding. over the years, Alexandre Astaire knew how to surround himself with the crème de la crème of French cinemaHe is the one who directed the movie David and Madame Hansen, issued in 2012 and in which the reply was also provided to Isabelle Adjani. back in cooperation asideWhile the movie was not very successful in dark rooms.

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I handled it badly because the guys gave me 95 copies. I got messages from guys who said from Bordeaux ‘You’re nice to your movie but we have to take the money because there is no room in Bordeaux to show it’. I’m not saying he would have made millions, but I think they buried me. This is what I did wrongHe explained that despite this failure, Alexander Astaire does not regret this shared experience with Isabelle AdjaniWhich concluded by releasing:After it wasn’t the place I expected, I don’t care. I had to do this, I did this“.