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Dear Thomas: How do you get to Thomas Brush? | – Culture

Status: 12.11.2021 00:00

The poet Thomas Brach, an angry and rebellious voice in East and West Germany, died twenty years ago. Albrecht Schuch and Gela Haas play the main roles. conversation.

Albrecht Schuch plays Thomas Brach in “Dear Thomas” and Jella Haas is his mistress. Both cast frankly perfect. Albrecht Schösch embodies this extraordinary poet with a heart and a mind. Gila Haas, with her mixture of Berlin snout and modesty, exudes a stubbornness of extreme tenderness as his companion. A conversation with both of them about their roles.

What did you even know about this person when the project came to you?

Albrecht Schösch: I didn’t know much. I had a text that said, “Why are you playing?” Read really and hard, I mean that over and over in drama school. At some point it was stuck in my locker. It was like a poem, like fun to play. for the player for the player. But what this guy had achieved, what a crazy job he had already done with movies, subtitles and of course his poems, was completely new to me. Then I opened at least a very large part of it.

Texts are a very important entry point into Brash’s world. I already understood that they talked a lot to the people who knew him. Mr. Schuch, you sure are, right?

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Director Andreas Kleinert made a feature film about writer and playwright Thomas Brasch. more

Albrecht Schösch: Yes, both from the theatrical scene, where he left his mark above all else and had his fans, admirers and comrades. There have been many people who have, fortunately and fortunately, opened for me a door to their experiences, impressions, and experiences with this person. And of course it is sometimes very private and very private to share such impressions.

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Gila Haas, plays Brach’s partner in the film. How did you get there now, in this Katarina role?

Gila Haas: Throw yourself in time. You read a lot. You watch a lot of movies. One talks a lot. We have a really cool author, Thomas Wendrich (screenwriter’s note), that you go on a trip with. Then somehow you have to forget everything you once learned – be brave, let go, go.

Albrecht Schuch, it’s not easy to find “your” brash, is it?

Albrecht Schösch: At least for me there was a moment when my heart was really pounding and pounding. It was relatively early on when I was almost astonished by the lavish work he did, by those people I admired and who wrote about him. So many of them were, and still are, just inspiring figures for my work and my character that I thought: Oh my God, how am I supposed to do justice to them at all? And of course I was only able to do that because at some point I say, I don’t want to tell Brash at all, but I do want to tell Brash. I want to say part of the brash. The moment I lost the claim that I had to tell everything somehow or do it right, it worked. It took a month. And then it was good too.

Interviewed by Katya Wise.

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My voice: The full conversation between Gila Haas and Albrecht full length (53 minutes)

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