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Debate in Russia: Navalny should have won the Nobel Peace Prize

“I think Alexei Navalny would have deserved a Nobel Prize more. What do you say?” asks Mikhail Svetov on Twitter. Svetov is an opposition politician from the Liberal Right Liberal Party.

After that, Svetov continues in a long thread to accuse Muratov – the editor-in-chief of the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper – of an alliance with the Kremlin. Svetov justifies his accusations by saying that Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov and editor-in-chief of the RT propaganda channel Margarita Semongan congratulated Muratov on the award.

Kolesnikova imprisoned, Navalny imprisoned. But they gave the award to Dmitry Muratov, ”writes Svetov.

Lyubov Sobol, a close aide to Navalny, congratulates Novaya Gazeta on Twitter, but also believes that Navalny should have taken the award. 2Fnavaljnomu-esche-dadut-blogery-o-nobelevskoy-premii-mira%2F31499252.html

“I congratulate Muratov and Novaya Gazeta. But personally, I think that the greatest peace fighter of our country is the one in the photo below, ”Sobol wrote over the photo of Navalny.

in a Long interview with Echo Moskvy Muratov says that it was Novaya Gazeta newspaper that received the award and that he does not read the criticism.

Is it my fault that the award was given to a newspaper and not Navalny? Go to the hell. I don’t feel guilty, Muratov told Echo Moscow.

Dmitry Muratov meets with the press after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Photo: Siba

Muratov said on Friday that he himself would vote for Navalny if he were a member of the prize committee. His newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, covered the issue of Navanizh’s persecution in detail, constantly drawing attention to the corruption of the Putin regime and violations of human rights.

Other members of Navalny’s circle are calling for calm, such as Ksenia Fadeeva, Navalny’s former chief of staff in Tomsk.

“I would have been happy if Navalny had received the award, he deserved it. But I do not understand Muradov’s hatred. It was a prize not only for himself but for Novaya Gazeta and the weak media. “

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