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"No debemos de tener pérdidas", pide AMLO a trabajadores tras asumir control de Deer Park

Deer park. AMLO asks workers after taking control: ‘We shouldn’t suffer losses’

After completing the acquisition of the refinery deer park, in Houston, Texas, by Pemix Shell, Chief Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He guaranteed the factory workers that there would be no layoffs or lower wages, but demanded that they continue to work with the same professionalism to ensure profitability, achieve profits and avoid losses.

During his almost nine-minute message, the head of state was sure that the employees of the plant acquired by Pemex would maintain their enthusiasm and professionalism, which he warned that there should be no losses.

He wondered, “I am sure that they will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and with the same professionalism and we will continue to produce and ensure the profitability of the company, because we must not suffer losses, we must achieve profits.”

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In this sense, the head of the Federal Executive has promised that under the new administration in charge of Pemex, he will continue to work with them because his government sees no limits, because we are “from the party of global brotherhood”.

“Tell them we promise to keep working with you. We are citizens of the world, we are from the party of global fraternity, we see no borders, we care about the people and workers of the world.

“So you can be sure that there will be no layoffs, and that there will be no reduction in wages for workers and administrative staff,” he stressed.

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The Federal President noted that his government manages only the money of the people of Mexico, for which he is obligated to be a “good administrator”, and that the profits of the companies should be used to develop the country and benefit the poorest Mexicans. .

“We are simply representatives of the people of Mexico, the money in the budget is the people’s money, we are only managers of the people’s money, and we are obligated to be good administrators because the profits of the companies belonging to the nation should be used for the development of the country and for the benefit of Mexicans and for the benefit of the most humble and the poorest.”

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On the other hand, President Lopez Obrador thanked the US government for its authorization so that the Government of Mexico could acquire the entire refinery, as well as the confidence of the shareholders in Shell to carry out this purchase.

“It is really a pleasure to be able to speak with you, you will certainly have the opportunity to speak with the director of Pemex, Engineer Octavio Romero Oropeza, who is our representative and whom we fully trust. First of all I would like to thank you workers, as well as the residents of Deer Park who They saw with good eyes that this operation would be carried out, and I thank the Shell shareholders who gave us their confidence to do so.

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“I also thank the United States government for granting permission to Mexico to acquire the refinery. I send a tender hug and solidarity to all of you and we will continue to meet,” he added.

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