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Description of his medal

On Saturday (September 4), Nicodim Kozak won the title of Vice Champion of Poland for juniors in boxing up to 80 kg. We went to the Tygrys Martial Arts Club to practice to see how it happened firsthand.

The tournament was not the same as in previous years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was decided not to participate in the qualifying rounds and anyone who wants and feels strong can come to Staszów (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship).

– It’s not like I went for a walk. Earlier, I checked my level in tournaments in Gdynia, Chojnice and Słupsk. The preparations were very strong: I trained twice a day, and had the opportunity to pair up with demanding competitors. – says Nicodim Kozak, Poland’s new deputy champion in boxing up to 80 kg. – Due to the organization of tournaments in an open format, the competition was greater than usual.

More than 20 boxers from all over Poland competed for the championship title, up to 80 kg. It is easy to calculate that in order to fight in the final, you had to fight three fights (players compete in the knockout system, the loser is eliminated). The fight for the title began on Wednesday (September 1) First fight: – The opponent was much taller than me. He started reasonably well, but the fight was on my terms – remembers Nicodim Kozak.

The best advantages of the Elbląg player are manifested in the fact that the duel ended early in the third round. – The opponent was counted twice and the judges interrupted the duel – the boxer explains.

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Patrick Borucki, last year’s champion of Poland in the 75kg category, stood in the quarter-finals in the opposite corner. This year he moved to a heavier weight. A more experienced competitor than the Elbląg resident – on paper, the toughest fight of the entire tournament. I was aware of this, but I prepared myself well for it and it finished 5:0 for me – says the Polish runner-up.

The medal was already there, now you just have to select its color. Elbląg’s semi-finalist was Patryk Szmyd. – In fact, the semi-final turned out to be the most difficult of all the fights in the tournament. It wasn’t easy, I couldn’t set my terms and at some point I got into a “fight”. The judges had problems evaluating the duel – reveals Nicodim Kozak. – Perhaps the opponent was not impressed with his skills, but he was very strong and dynamic.

In the end, the judges’ decision was positive for the tiger boxer from Elbląg. With a majority of 3:2 votes, Elbląg qualified for the semi-finals. And here you wait for the first surprise. The last three fights of the Polish championship were moved to the Suzuki Boxing Night 7 Pro concert. As it turned out, among the finals of the “Gala” there was also a struggle for the championship in the weight of up to 80 kilograms. Nicodim Kozak’s opponent was last year’s defender Sebastian Coez. – I came out for this fight as an underdog. The competitor was the favourite. The promotion to the final itself is a huge success. Entering the ring, I wanted to do my best and show my best side – says the boxer.

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The fight can be watched on TVP Sport. It ended with the defeat of Elbląg 0:5 – silver was left “for consolation.” – After the fight, I spoke to my coaches: Patrik Borztinovic and Tomasz Chucic and everyone was somewhat satisfied with this result – says the Polish runner-up. – I must admit that I was also lucky in this tournament. I approached each fight calmly, mentally well-behaved. I knew what I could. Perhaps calm and composure is the key to success.

Now you just have to keep your fingers crossed in order to develop such a well started career.

And he just wanted to improve the work of his hands

It all started when boxing player Nicodim Kozak, who had already taken a bronze medal at the Polish championship in the light contact formula, decided to improve his boxing skills. And so he found his way to the tiger. There they decided not to let him go and took him to a sports camp in Miccossio. After the camp there was already… – I found that boxing was what I was looking for. I decided to give up kickboxing and focus on boxing. At the moment, Tiger provides the best conditions for development: sports camps, sparring matches, I missed it … – says Nicodim Kozak. – But I would not be here, had it not been for club president Bawi Drzewitzky, my coaches: Patrik Borztinovic, Tomasz Šušić, Ignacy Bogoslavsky, to whom I would like to thank for their time. To this list of thanks I would also like to add my parents and school – High School #2 and Adrian Dorma.

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– So I’ll join the thanks. I would like to say special words to Hieronim Kozakiewicz and Bartomeg Zabiga, without whom I would not be at the club – adds Patrik Borztinovic, coach of the Polish runner-up.