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Desperate Britons line up for petrol after massive driver shortages – Johnson is said to have a plan

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Long queues at many petrol stations in the UK, photos appear in the British media. Many people are worried they are running out of petrol because the massive shortage of truck drivers has affected deliveries.

During the day, police tried to urge people not to buy petrol in a panic, The Independent writes. According to The Times, EG Group, which owns 400 petrol stations in the country, has also introduced a cap of 30 pounds per customer.

According to interest group The Road Haulage Association, around 100,000 drivers have been lost, a flaw exacerbated by the pandemic and Brexit. According to information by the BBC and The Telegraph, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now planning a temporary change to the law that will enable 5,000 foreign truck drivers to work in the country.

Tony Dunker, head of the employers’ organization CBI, tells The Guardian, it is a “shame” that the government is only now acting as the queues grow.

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