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Despite the protests, the Slovak people closed the border in Leluzhou.  "We have nothing to live for" [WIDEO]

Despite the protests, the Slovak people closed the border in Leluzhou. “We have nothing to live for” [WIDEO]

Lelucho residents protested late in the evening against the closure of the border. By the decision of the Slovak government, car traffic will be banned from Monday (5.07) to 19.00. It is associated with an infection.

This is terrible news for those who run stores on the Polish side, whose customers are primarily Slovaks. How are we going to make a living? – Entrepreneurs ask.

We do business with Slovaks and we have very few Polish customers. We have attractive prices and products tailored to the needs of Slovak customers. We have less than 40 residential buildings and more than 70 retail outlets in Lelucho – Robert Mitro, mayor of Lelucco, explains.

These stores have been the only source of income for our families and our employees for many years, so it is understandable what we are fighting for. – Adds Jonah Olsovska.

Slovak is not only the main customer of Leluccho stores, but also the events where they work there. Now the matter is more complicated.

Three weeks ago, Lelucho’s border was reopened after months of siege due to restrictions. Meanwhile, local shopkeepers are no longer able to trade normally and they are trembling for the future of their families.

We have been closed since November. Now, 3 weeks later, the same thing again. A little more, we have nothing to live for – Says Anna Mitro from Lelucho.

The Slovak government has decided that not all borders are closed. Next, you can travel up to Minisek Not Poprad via Bivinikna-Straj. The same is true in the case of columns in Cyan and Zurko.

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This is a foolish decision. The Polish-Slovak crossings are selectively closed. According to Slovak officials, it is dangerous to cross the Leluchov and if the virus can get here, how safe is it to cross the Pivnikna? – Jersey Majka, Councilor of the Mussina Commune commented.

The situation on the Polish-Slovak border will change. The Slovak government informed the Corpadian Border Guard in Novi S சாs that the rules would be reviewed each week, depending on the epidemic risk.