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Complete News World – Manchester United – Parker: Manchester United There is no one like Declan Rice

Rice receives rave reviews for his performance in Euro 2020. The Englishman confirmed his high form at the Old Continental Championship, which he delivered in the colors of the Hammers for the 2020/2021 season.

Manchester United have been watching Rice for months, but it is unclear whether West Ham United will accept their player exit. The value of the Englishman is m 100 million, which could have kept him effectively in London.

“If we want to talk about transfers that make a difference, I think Declan Rice could be a player who makes the most important purchases and makes a difference and makes the midfield the best compared to the average,” Parker says.

– It’s about playing, what power he has, how he snatches the ball from the opponent’s feet, how rarely he catches cards. Manchester United have no such player in their squad. An old Nemanja is stuck, but there is no other player to play in this position.

– You can throw Fred on the field, he will do the job, but he does not have the right discipline. Scott McDomini is not a Manchester United midfielder when you think about winning trophies all the time. He does not know how to play as a defensive midfielder.

“He’s not ready for it now, but Declan Rice.” He’s a young footballer, he’s growing up all the time, he’s a young man with experience. He can fully fulfill the tasks assigned to him.

“If you’re looking for someone outside the UK, you have to remember that you never know how quickly someone will behave,” Parker says.

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