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Masz PS5? Sprawdź, czy trafił Ci się gorszy, czy lepszy DualSense

Did you get the PS5? Find out if your DualSense is worse or better

Some time ago, Sony improved DualSense controllers for PlayStation 5. How do we check which version we got?

In March, Sony improved the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. The new version has stronger elements to reduce the risk of crashes, including the known drift of analog sticks.

The thing is that Sony does not directly tell which version of the DualSense console is equipped with the console. Fortunately, if you bought a PS5 recently, it’s easy to check, as famous YouTuber John Glascock reports.

How to check the DualSense controller version?

To check if we have a worse or better version of the DualSense controller, just look at the FCC ID number on the back. If it ends with “1”, then unfortunately we have an older and therefore worse version. However, if the number ends with the letter “A”, we were lucky and found an improved version of the DualSense controller.

Most importantly, all Galaxy Series DualSense controllers have an improved design, ie models in Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galctic Purple colours. So if you want to make sure that your pad will last longer, the solution is to buy one of the mentioned variants.

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Text source: John Glasscock YouTube

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