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Dirty windows on train station platforms.  It is washed twice a year.  Adequate?  - 24GLIWICE - Gliwice Gate

Dirty windows on train station platforms. It is washed twice a year. Adequate? – 24GLIWICE – Gliwice Gate

The train station is also dirty and needs washing too. In general, this is not bad – the platforms are clean, as is the main hall. But the devil is in the details that not everyone immediately pays attention to. They will return when they look through the glass one day and see nothing.

The glazing on the platforms of the Gliwice railway station looks attractive – it gives a sense of modernity and space. But there is a problem with them: they get dirty quickly, and cleaning them requires more effort than sweeping a pallet or emptying litter boxes.

The station still smells fresh. Completely renovated, it was completed a few years ago. However, some of its items began to get sloppy, which the passengers had already noticed.

When you look at everything, it’s clean. Dirt collects on the pillars – the surfaces above the platforms and stairs or those that make up the platform halls. Over time, the name “glazing” may not suit them. Not only that – on the third platform, one of the parts is striped with graffiti. So far, no one is removing it.

PKP is responsible for maintaining cleanliness at the stations. In Gliwice, as in the whole county, is the Katowice branch of Real Estate Management. Bartholomew Sarna From the press office, however, he reports that the PKP is the building manager of the Gliwice railway station itself. In turn, another company – PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the station, that is, tracks, platforms and their other elements (such as platform halls), as well as in the tunnel.

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If we are already at the station – the building is cleaned daily (for example, the floor is washed automatically two or three times a day). Every day, PKP employees also carry out hygiene audits, because the cleaning is carried out by an external company.

– If there are deficiencies, they are obliged to remedy them within a strictly defined period of time Sarna adds.

The company is watching

We ask PLK about the pallets, since there is a problem with them, how often the surfaces are washed (if any since the renovation) and whether such washing is likely to happen in the near future.

He carries. promises Catarzina Guawaca From the Polskie Linie Kolejowe Press Team. It adds Glass surfaces are cleaned … twice a year. A bit low, considering how quickly windows get dirty.

The platforms and tunnel are also cleaned by an outside company. Its duty is primarily to remove garbage and impurities. PLK performs audits only.

Głowacka ensures that the company monitors the cleanliness of the station on an ongoing basis and intervenes if necessary.

Will the next window cleaning be a result of this intervention? It is scheduled to be held in the second quarter of this year. So we can expect a great wash on the platforms in May or June at the latest.