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Na dziś zaplanowano wymianę zużytych elementów instalacji tlenowej w Szpitalu Południowym w Warszawie. Wczoraj wieczorem doszło tam do usterki technicznej instalacji tlenowej - na tyle poważnej, że rozważana była ewakuacja pacjentów, a strażacy musieli dostarczyć do placówki 300 czterdziestolitrowych butli z tlenem.

Disorder at Southern Hospital. An oxygen tank will be set up on the premises

Today, Southern Hospital in Warsaw is scheduled to replace depreciating components of the oxygen system. There was a technical malfunction in the oxygen system there last evening – the evacuation of patients was very serious and firefighters had to provide 300 to 40 liter oxygen cylinders to the facility.

A 3 ton oxygen tank is also to be provided for this facility. South Hospital currently has a covit facility with more than 230 patients, of which 42 are under respiratory equipment.

According to RMF FM journalist Magdalena Grajnert, the night passed quietly. As firefighters promise There will be no lack of oxygen.

They are in Mazovia Four Oxygen Banks Operated by Voivote: In Warsaw, Radome, Black and Astrologa. Therefore, the supply of oxygen in Mazovian hospitals is in no way dangerous. Firefighters work in banks 24 hours a day. They can deliver cylinders quickly to any hospital. Who will declare an oxygen emergency.

This is to replace the reducers who cannot cope with the expansion of the oxygen. The gas froze in the installation before reaching the sick, so – as the RM FM reporter discovered – To support the entire system, firefighters also have a heater.

Once the controllers go to the hospital, patients who use oxygen therapy by the time the device is replaced – which can take several hours – will be transferred from the cylinders provided by firefighters yesterday to oxygen.

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The failure complicates the situation because Southern Hospital, instead of increasing the bed base – as planned – to 300 beds, now has to evacuate patients to release the oxygen system. The facility mainly allowed patients from outside Warsaw because the temporary hospitals in the north and east of the region were already overcrowded.

The opening of a makeshift hospital at the clinic in Płock seems to be a foregone conclusion today. Two temporary hospitals are to be started in Warsaw. Without it, we would not be living in Mazowia’s health service for the next three weeks – Says Krzysztof Strzałkowski, chairman of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Parliamentary Health Committee. Govt patients are already filling other wards of regular hospitals, for example, which restricts enrollment in inpatient wards.

A spokesman for the Masovian State Fire Service said firefighters were notified of the malfunction of the technical oxygen system just after 5pm yesterday at Southern Hospital. The installation works, but the block comes with four so-called “oxygen banks” operating on PSP medical oxygen cylinders – Brick said yesterday. Carol Kearskovsky.

Warsaw: Disorder in the oxygen system at Southern Hospital. The guards deliver the bottles

He pointed out that there are 300 40 liter cylinders. In the absence of oxygen, this is sufficient to power the installation for 24 hours – He pointed out.

He recalled that these cylinders supply hospitals with medical oxygen used in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The failure was so severe that at one point even the discharge of patients was not ruled out. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration had a plan to take patients to the hospital.