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Doctor.  Dr. Dre in GTA Online;  Contract update now available

Doctor. Dr. Dre in GTA Online; Contract update now available

December 15, 2021, 17:02

An interview with rapper d. Dre and an old friend from GTA V?? These are just some of the highlights of the update for The Contract, which has just made its way to Grand Theft Auto Online.


  1. Act Grand Theft Auto Online Update received Contract with patch 1.55;
  2. The game has an agency that solves the problems of celebrities, including rapper Dr. Dre, around which a new plot is centered;
  3. The update also brought three new weapons, seven cars, over 300 cosmetic items, and tons of improvements.

as announced, Act Grand Theft Auto Online Doctor. Dre as part of the update Contract. The famous rapper is connected with a new plot in which we will have to recover the musician’s stolen phone. There Is No Treasure In It: Unpublished Works of the Artist.

Find lost work for dr. Dre takes care of bf. Clinton and his partner A new agency solves the problems of celebrities living in Vinewood. The organization (founded by Franklin Clinton, better known from GTA 5) has its own plot of land, which can be purchased in-game via the website, and which will give us access to, among other things, said story missions with the American rapper. All tasks can be performed not only in a group, but also individually.

Mo¿e Ciê zainteresowaæ:

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  2. Mod for GTA Vice City for PC restores deleted songs

We can also do a new type of free mode mission via the agency computer?? Warranty contracts. However, it must be added that this laptop is only available in public GTA Online (Ko Many players disappointed).

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A music-focused update wouldn’t be complete without Radio stations update. Studio Rockstar Games has introduced a brand new radio station (MOTOMAMI Los Santos), where we will hear, among others, the work of artists such as Rosalia (including a song from her new album), Daddy Yankee and Bad Gill.. Of course, there will also be Dr. Dre: Los Santos Radio and West Coast Classics will now feature previously unreleased exclusive songs for the rapper.

Contract It also added three new weapons (including a portable electromagnetic blaster) and seven vehicles. Six of them can be found in the Legendary Store, but for the last one we have to go to Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

GTA Online: Contract?? New cars in the game:

  1. Vester Astron?? $1,580,000
  2. Lambadati cinquemilla?? $1,740,000
  3. Pegassi Ignus? $2,765,000
  4. Enos Jubilee?? $1,650,000
  5. Enos the god?? $1,845,000
  6. Dewbauchee Champion?? $2,995,000
  7. Bravado Buffalo STX ?? $2,150,000

The update accompanied by a correction to GTA Online 1.55 (1.40 on PS4), adding over 300 new avatar customization options (Including tattoos, earrings, hats, etc.). There are also several fixes and improvements, including a reduced frequency of player phone calls, daily chart fees or the ability to limit lap counts in LS Car Meet Club races. The full list of changes and news can be found at Rockstar Games Official Site.