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Downloading the campaign requires a separate 4GB patch first

Having trouble installing Halo Infinite campaign? You may need to do some troubleshooting to get it up and running including restarting the system and installing an update for Halo Infinite multiplayer first.

As players look to get started on the Halo Infinite campaign, some are experiencing issues where the campaign update downloads slowly or the Xbox app doesn’t seem to realize that the campaign is still active.

Some players have come across a pre-order banner at the start of the campaign when it should already be available.

Some players encounter a preload banner even when the campaign is active. Credit: Xbox, captured by IGN.

According to online users verified by IGN staff, there are two ways to fix these issues. First, on the topic of slow downloads through the title screen, Halo chief designer David Ellis advises users to quit and suspend the game to increase download speed.

For those who can’t even download the campaign in the first place, online users say restarting their Xbox console, opening the game, and then installing a separate 4GB install first will allow them to start downloading the 21.9GB campaign update.

IGN tested these two scripts and found that they work, allowing us to download the campaign or increase our download speed.

This is still the first day of the official launch of the Halo Infinite campaign, so you may have some hiccups. Speaking of Halo Infinite, these are 5 cool things to expect from the campaign, and the game will not allow you to repeat missions from the campaign at launch.

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