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Driving the Polish team in F1?  It is possible.  Changes in Haas as a result of the Russian invasion

Driving the Polish team in F1? It is possible. Changes in Haas as a result of the Russian invasion

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put many Russian athletes and teams in a difficult position. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It also affected the US Formula 1 team Haas, which is sponsored by the Russian company Uralkali.

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Haas’s white car. The team removed the Russian-sponsored ads

On Thursday, the team issued a statement announcing the company’s immediate removal of advertising and repaint, thus removing the colors of the Russian flag from the car. During the tests on Friday, Haas drove a white car without the Russian sponsor’s logo.

Hose drivers need to be replaced. “Never guaranteed”

There is also a problem with the team’s Russian player Nikita Masebin. In the event of Uralkala’s departure, the Russian will leave the team because he introduced the sponsor to Haas when he entered Formula One last year.

Haas responds to widespread criticism. She disconnects herself from the Russians for a while

Although Masebin could have somehow managed to stay financially on the team, it is unclear how the fate of Russian athletes will change in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The fact that the driver’s future is not clear has not been hidden even by team boss Gunder Steiner. – This situation affects Nikita, which is her country. As for his place in the team, it is never guaranteed – said Altona Marciniak, quoted by Breklot Sportovy and the journalist of Eleven Sports during the trials in Barcelona.

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Mazepin himself spoke on the matter. “It’s a hard time for me, I can not control what others say or do. I work hard and focus on what I can control by doing everything I can for Haas,” the driver wrote on social media, thanking him. Understanding and support.

There are two candidates to replace Mazepin. One is the driver of the Polish team

Meanwhile, the first rumors appeared in the context of drivers who could replace him. It is only natural that Haas started looking for a player with two candidates to replace Masebin. This is Danish driver Kevin Magnussen and Brazilian Pietro Fitzbalti.

As for the first nominee, we are dealing with an experienced driver – Magnussen drove for McLaren in 2014-2015, Renault in 2016 and Haas in 2017-2020. He is currently the driver of the Peugeot team in the WEC Endurance Racing Series. Daytona also drove 24h. What was the problem with his return to F1 and Haas? Dane said he had no intention of returning to the low-ranking team after leaving F1. If he wants to come back to F1, he will want to fight for victories. Introducing a revolution in the 2022 season series that could shake the stock completely, Haas starts from a bad position for him: in 2021 he is the weakest of the teams in Formula 1.

Undoubtedly stars about Formula 1 Russian GB. Formula 1 stars without a doubt about Russian GB. “He has no right”

What about Pietro Fitness? Chances are high here, because the Brazilian is on trial in Barcelona, ​​where he was spotted at an official photo session. It does not have to be associated with a possible change in the role of one of the two main drivers, but only the marketing function related to his current activity – a reserve driver.

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In addition to his role in the F1, FittiPalti has other plans for this season: he was announced as the driver of the Polish Inter Europol team in the long-distance European Le Mans Series. We asked about the condition of the driver of the team leader Wojciech Shimichovsky, but he declined to comment. However, we were able to establish that the situation in Brazil was not clear and that decisions regarding him and Nikita Masebin could be made next week.

Fitiboldi cannot connect ELMS and F1

If there is a real change for FittiBalti, Hassa is likely to be on Inter Europol as many ELMS races are intertwined with F1 dates. For example, the British F1 Grand Prix in Silverstone, which coincides with the LMS 4 Hour Hunger Race, takes place at the same time as the Belgian F1 Grand Prix Barcelona-Catalonia 4 Hour LMS Race. The Russian Grand Prix, which coincides with the 4-hour spa race, was removed from the calendar on Friday, but another race is likely to appear on this date. For example, there was talk of the Turkish Grand Prix.

The decisive reaction of Formula 1 officials to the Russian Grand PrixThe decisive reaction of Formula 1 officials to the Russian Grand Prix

Pietro Fittibaldi has already completed two Formula 1 races, the Zakir Grand Prix and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2020, to replace the romaine crosszene that crashed at the Bahrain Grand Prix. However, in his career, he did not achieve great things – so far he has been the champion of the Formula V8 World Series 3.5 and the MRF Challenge Formula 2000. In 2019 he competed in DTM and Asian Formula 3. Appointed as Haas Reserve Driver last season, he competed in three IndyCar races and one race at ELMS.

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Pittybalty has polish roots. He was the great-grandson of “Zusa” Wojciechowska

A native of Brazil, he is the grandson of two-time world champion Emerson Fittibaldi. So, Pietro has Polish roots – he is the great-grandson of Joseph “Zusa” Wojciechowska. Born in 1921 in Polynes, near Żytomierz in Volkhinia. His father, Ivan Wozniacki, was an officer in the Tsar’s army. After the birth of his daughter, he left Żytomierz with his wife Maria and four children. From there, in the 1920s, living in poverty, he emigrated to Brazil via Hamburg. Here we have written the whole story of the FittiBalti family.