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Dune Strategy: Spice Wars has a release date

Dune Strategy: Spice Wars has a release date

Funcom has announced that the successful Dune Strategy: Spice Wars later this month – April 26 – will expire. In Steam Early Access.

At the same time, the fourth and aogon. the ę, like ą We will drive in production – empty and soft free residents; Also known as Fremeni or Wolanie. You may ‘aogon; Less chance of getting Czerwi’s attention, and better relationships with neutral real estate.

do ł & aogon; czaj & aogon; As many as three are already made: Atreides, Harkonnen and Smugglers. The goal of the players will, of course, be to conquer the planet Arrakis and control melanż em , a valuable raw material, which – among other things – expands &lshed; aż life.

During the adventure, we will dominate the inhabitants of the small villages, and after that we will build the infrastructure of ę essential & eogon; dn & aogon; to build an army. plus ą There will also be diplomacy and espionage.

Funcom reminds us that apart from Dune: Spice Wars by Shiro Games Currently also working on an online game and aogon; Survive in the open and sacred world, with ą In The World of Frank Herbert Books.

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