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Easter Nails - See Beautiful Inspiration!

Easter Nails – See Beautiful Inspiration!

Easter is in a corner. If you already care about the cleanliness of the house, the dishes, the Easter eggs and the styling, this is the last time, but not the most important, i.e. Easter nails. For Easter, it’s worth trying themed nails that you do not do on normal days. Below are some tips and inspiration that will show you how to create fashionable nails.

What colors should be used for Easter nails?

Before you go into makeup, it is worth analyzing the recommendations for the color base for nails. This is very important because the visibility of a given decor largely depends on it. Easter nails should be in a bright color. You can choose a pastel nails or “clear” neon varnishes.

One of the most popular emulsions used for Easter nails is turmeric. You can paint it on two or three nails and finish the palette with a modest color. In addition, it is worth using pastel yellow because it is so soft.

Another good idea for a varnish for painting Easter nails is tattoo. No matter what shade you choose, mint, any shade will look beautiful and suit the situation. Green nails contrast well with the aforementioned yellow, white, brown and soft pink.
Hands showing nails for Easter
Easter nails can also be blue. Not only is this a great site for patterns, it also fits beautifully into this holiday. It can be combined with brown (in all its shades), silver, white and light yellow.

White varnish can help create fashionable nails. Since this color is great in any color, the decorations will stand out, “will not disappear in the crowd”. No matter what white shade you choose, any white varnish will work, regardless of whether it is matte or glossy.

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Easter nails can also be a gray base. While it may not seem like a festive color, it is worth creating large, colorful and fashionable patterns. All because the gray “fades in the shade”. Thanks to this, women who care more about jewelry can make full use of their potential.
Hands showing nails for Easter
Easter nails will look beautiful, especially if you use lavender color in pastels. It is worth combining with white, light yellow and gray. Importantly, this type of emulsion will only look good on themed nails when it is matte.

Fashionable patterns for Easter nails

You already know the colors that will help you create a beautiful base for your Easter nails. You can use two colors without decorations or draw themed patterns. It is often the decorations that determine the uniqueness and beauty of a manicure. If you like rabbits, chicks or painted quail eggs on your nails, they are worth making! This is not as difficult as it may seem.

The easiest way to paint a chicken is with an egg shell. To do this, take a yellow varnish and paint the entire tile. When it is dry, paint half of the tile with white varnish, starting from its beginning. Then create characteristic triangles in the middle of the nail that will follow the shell breaking. Highlight them with a thin black brush. Finally, paint the eyes and nose where the chicken head is. Repeat with a few fingers. Voilà chicks ready!
Hands showing nails for Easter
Rabbits can be a little difficult, but it all depends on the practice. Paint the plate with a thin brush. First, paint the oval head and then the ears. Let one of them be flat. Fill the ear with white varnish and when it dries, mark the center in pink. Draw the eyes and nose to the mouth. Zoom in on the shape and it will be easy for you. If you are a beginner, you can use ready-made stickers.

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You can enjoy the colorful Easter eggs on the nail plate. To do this, shape the nails into an almond shape and create colorful straight and wavy lines with the palette. Take other varnishes and make small dots. Let the size of the lines and dots be different. The more color the better. This is where accuracy comes into play. However, with a little patience, you can create a beautiful manicure for Easter.

Easter nails can feature spring. Draw colorful flowers on a plate or petals. Decorate them with dots and stems. In addition, the basics are a good idea. You will need a thin brush for these designs. Remember to protect each stylization with a top coat so that it lasts longer.

Quail eggs are a relatively new trend, but the proposals for this type are quite simple. All you have to do is first paint the tile with the selected color (not black), then create careless spots with dark varnish. Let them be different sizes and pigments.

See our gallery. There, we have prepared a lot of inspiration for Easter nails.

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