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Karty uśpione w Edge pomogły zaoszczędzić ponad 273 petabajty RAM w niecały miesiąc

Edge’s idle cards helped save more than 273 petabytes of RAM in less than a month

In the second half of 2020, Edge’s Tab Sleep will “suspend” inactive tabs to free up resources. We have already written several times about the possibilities of its formation and estimated savings accounts. Today we want to quote a very specific statistic from Microsoft.

We already know that each sleeping card uses 85% less memory and 99% less CPU than a normal card running in the background. This translates to many things, including greater computer performance for tasks in the foreground, reduced heat generation and Low power/battery consumption. We already know the percentage calculations, now let’s see what the saved memory problem looks like.

In the official Microsoft Edge Team tweet, we read that Over the last 28 days, the browser has put 6 billion cards to sleep, saving 273.7 petabytes of RAM. About 39.1 MB is provided per card, which is not much at first glance. However, when you add all your open and idle tabs to a single browser, the savings can be really big. And when you add the monthly savings for all Edge users…the value begins to strip away. I wonder how many kWh saved thanks to this 🙂

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