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Edita Pasura could not bear it.  A definite reaction to the rumors - o2

Edita Pasura could not bear it. A definite reaction to the rumors – o2

The introduction of Edyta Pazura and Cezary Pazura began about 15 years ago. The couple met while traveling by train. Some have predicted that the actor will soon break up with his 25-year-old girlfriend. Meanwhile, they are constantly forming twins.

The couple has three children: Amelia, Anthony and Rita. Caesarea and Edida celebrated the 14th anniversary of their relationship in the Maldives at the end of 2021.

Meanwhile, an entry appeared on one of the Instagram profiles, which suggested it The actor was already in a relationship with Edita before splitting with his ex-wife Veronica Marzouk.

I remember such a couple. I read in interviews that they met on my favorite Międzyzdroje (if I remember correctly), she graduated in law, she is its manager, because every star has to be one. No relation to the medal! When she was a student, I remember my friend telling me that it was not a mistake that Jarek invited her during her friend’s birthday party and that they knew each other very well. After a while it turned out that Jarek likes young students, especially travelers. The final one you know – it is expected in the profile.

However, this is not the end of the maneuver. Instagram estimated that the actor lived “on the side”, while emphasizing that people will not change. Thus, she made it clear that Claw could still betray the other half.

Sure, I wish them all the best, but so far I can not understand how you can praise one wife and compliment another on an interesting life on the side. Do you want to do that? Is that right Is it so profitable? What’s worse is the words that I can spell I often mistype. More people will not change – wrote the Internet user.

Edida Pasura’s harsh reaction

And my favorite “friend told me”. If I believed the stories of my colleagues, the earth would be square and the moon a triangle. Santa Claus is still missing in this story. Now that woman, as a mother, let me tell you what she wrote on my 13 year old daughter’s face, she has a picture of her working mother, loved by her father. Or to my son, age 9. Sorry, Miss, my husband never called me “yes …”. Somehow it changed – she insisted.

At the same time, she announced, “You will receive a letter from a lawyer.” She wants to allocate potential compensation to the charity.

Instagram quickly recovered. After Edida’s moves, she stressed that these were her “loose thoughts and memories from 20 years ago.” She also promised not to bother anyone. She removed the entry from the network and apologized to Edita.

Seriously, I do not know what motivated me yesterday, but of course I’m willing to continue to take responsibility for my behavior – he stressed.

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