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Eintracht Braunschweig wins Mannheim – SV Mebben loses | – Sports

As of: 06/03/2022 3:57 PM

Third division football team Eintracht Braunschweig defended its relegation to third place with a 3-0 (1-0) win over Waldhof Mannheim. SV Meppen lost 0-1 (0-0) in 1. FC Saarbrücken and had no wins in six matches.

Braunschweig first had to come to terms with a shocking moment on Sunday when midfielder Robin Krause got hit in the face by Mark Schnatter’s leg and ran into the dressing room bleeding from the wound (15). Six minutes later, the 27-year-old returned to the field wearing a turban. Schnatterer rushed to Krauss and hugged him. An emotional apology that drew a lot of applause from the crowd.

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Multhaup puts Braunschweig at the fore

The spectators couldn’t help but applaud some of the highlights of football in the first half. The fight was marked by what happened in the duel between the candidates for promotion. However, Eintracht once again showed his playing skills before the break: Maurice Molthope completed an impressive combination through Krauß and Bryan Henning to make it 1-0 (39).

He meets Schultz at the old workplace

It was also the former Osnabrück player who lifted the BTSV Championship shortly after changing the team when he hit a pass from Leon Lauberbach (48th). Six minutes later, former “Waldhof Boy” Michael Schultz made the final decision. The defender, who moved from Mannheim to Eintracht in 2020, hit a corner kick from multi-goal player Molthaub into the net.

Then the hosts tried to improve the result, but in the end they acted too quickly or failed because of goalkeeper Jasmine Vesic.

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29 – 06.03.2022 2:00 PM

W Mannheim




W Mannheim:
Königsmann – Costly (65. Ekincier), Gohlke (55. Rossipal), Seegert, Donkor – Boyamba, Höger – Saghiri, Schnatterer (55. Kother) – Sohm (55. Verlaat), Martinovic (83. Butler)

Fejzic – JH Marx, Schultz, Strompf (56th Behrendt), Kijewski – Krauße, Nikolaou (83rd Wiebe) – Consbruch (70th Se. Müller), Henning (83rd Hartmann), Multhaup – Lauberbach (70th Girth)


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Meppen initially on a par with Saarbrücken

Meppen did well at Saarbrücken in the first division under the eyes of Saarland Premier Tobias Hans (CDU). The defense was safe with a few exceptions. And now and then, coach Rico Schmidt’s side manages to put holes in the attack. Mike Barr missed his best guest lead opportunity when he wasted hastily after a counterattack stand-alone (20 min).

Domaschke slips – Ernst guarantees the victory of the candidates

Shortly after the break, trusted SVM goalkeeper Eric Domashki became Meppen’s tragic character. The 36-year-old sent a harmless free kick from Tobias Janek into the feet of Dominic Ernst, who scored 1-0 with a left-footed shot (48). As much as the Emslanders tried to make up for their goalkeeper’s mistake, the visitors remained shockingly harmless in attack in the second half. There wasn’t much to see from fresh offensive football, which SVM meanwhile played to third, for weeks.

In the present situation, Lower Saxony must look down with concern. It’s a good thing for them that their surplus points are probably enough to avoid relegation problems.

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Osnabrück's Mark Haider (left) and Kaiserslautern goalkeeper Matthew Rapp fight for the ball.  © IMAGO / kolbert-press

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