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Elana Dorun has filed for bankruptcy. Official Report of the Club – Football – Sports Wprost

Elana Dorun, one of the largest clubs in the Guavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, was unable to save herself from collapse. The club’s debt turns into approximately one and a half or two million slots. Elena’s soldiers and staff began to look for new positions.

According to unofficial information provided by the MagiaPił portal, Elana Toruń is set to be replaced by the Elana Toruń Football Academy Foundation, which will join the games under the declining Elana’s reserves license to play in the district league. Such a practice would allow the team to avoid struggles in Class B and A.

Report of the TKP ELANA SA Management Board

“Save Elena!” Despite the great commitment of our players, coaches, fans, owners, staff and supporters to the campaign, we regret to announce that the search for a strategic investor for the Doron Sports Club ended in failure. Despite the tremendous efforts of many, we could not find the right person or company to buy the package.

By saving Elena, we made a number of corrective actions, such as reducing operating costs or restructuring. We have acquired 46 local companies that have become sponsors of the club. However, despite these actions and the consistent support of the owners, we were not able to provide Elana Dorun financial cash flow.

Therefore, we would like to inform you about the termination of the simplified procedure for approving the arrangement, with the guidance of the responsibility not to aggravate the already difficult financial situation of the club with great pain.

All people involved in the activity #Save Elena! I would like to thank the owners, sponsors, staff and fans for your time, dedication, effort and the best heart to fight for.

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