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Elysee Palace 2022 video: A man present in the audience makes netizens interact a lot

Elysee Palace 2022 video: A man present in the audience makes netizens interact a lot

This Thursday, March 17th, France 2 channel broadcast a new number of channelsElysee 2022. As Reconquest candidate Eric Zemmour summed up his thoughts, one detail caught the attention of viewers…

In 25 days, the French will be called to vote for the first round of the 2022 presidential election. With the fateful date fast approaching, France 2 proposed on Thursday 17 March. Special number from his political programme Elysee 2022. In fact, it was not one but three candidates who presented themselves to the facilitators duo made up of Léa Salama and Laurent Guimier: Anne Hidalgo, candidate for the Socialist Party, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, candidate for Depot La France and Eric Zemmour, candidate for redemption.

The three of them succeeded each other in the face of the great information characters in France TVsincluding journalist Natalie St. Creek, Patrick Cohen, columnist for It’s up to you, or economic journalist Dominique Seux. without relying on Millions of French men and women Connected in front of their television set, who were able to judge and comment on the candidates’ proposals in real time. But one detail particularly caught their attention…

Netizens participated in the face of the spectator

Eric Zemmour, the evening’s first guest, opened the program with a discussion with Yannick Gadot about Europe and immigration. But while the far-right candidate was summarizing his thoughts, viewers focused on him What was going on in the background. In fact, a man sitting behind the former columnist ofWe are not in bed He was very expressive – too much in the eyes of some – with his many frowns.

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While some were very amused by the situation, others were angry. The man behind the horn, on the left, rolls his eyes every three seconds, It’s funny“,” The man behind the horn and who makes faces all the time is unbearable “,” Who is behind that man? She’s really not pro-France Télévisions.”“Reactions of Mr. Khalaf Zammour on the left are royalty, thanks”.read among countless other comments. The guy in any case will not go unnoticed!