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EST 2-1 CRB: Shabab took second place

The sixth and final day of the Champions League group stage match ended in favor of Tunisia’s Esperance, who won 2-1 against Valencia. A success that allows the Tunisians to occupy the first place, ahead of their opponent today.

The meeting between Esperance and Al-Bilad started with a strong blow with an opening from 2′ for Shabab with a superb shot from 40 meters from Merizigi that surprised goalkeeper Ben Chrifia. Surprised at home, the Esperance players will not be slow to react, with the score equalizing at 13 minutes through Ben Hamida sent by Iwala, who will score the second goal for his team a few minutes later, at 17 minutes. Confessing two goals again in a moment of hesitation, this isn’t the first time CRB has found itself in a position that could be a weak spot in the Champions League. The Red and Whites dominated the match, in possession of the ball and the balls after this second feat of Esperance, but without being able to solidify the mark and return to the mark. Unbeaten so far in this group stage, the Valencia player ends in defeat, taking second place in the standings, while if the Algerians had drawn, they would have finished first with the away goal advantage after achieving 1 to 1 at home in the first half. leg. In any case, CRB who was already qualified for the quarter with EST will have to correct its flaws in order to hope for a better trajectory than last season and try to win the crown.

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