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Everything is clear.  We know who will join Somia Vive in 2022

Everything is clear. We know who will join Somia Vive in 2022

Halil Jeganjak resolved the doubts. The Croatian revealed in an interview that he will soon be offered as a new player in the Łomża Vive Kielce.

Marcin Gorkyaski

Halil Jeganjack

Getty Images / Slavko Mitcher / Pixel / MB Media / Photo: Halil Jaganjak

The Croatian media has been saying for weeks (if not more) that Jeganjack is bound by a deal with the Polish champions at the Hall. President Bertus Sarvas denied that the talks were too advanced, but acknowledged that he had a keen interest in the Croatian language.

It is now known that Jaganjak will soon be joining omża Vive. The 23-year-old revealed to himself that he had finalized the negotiations. – Officially, I’m going to Łomża Vive next season. It takes a while for me to be presented. I think it should happen in the new year – he said on the Croatian portal Said in an interview with.

The Croatian will strengthen Keels’ fourth team ahead of the 2022/23 season. Jekenjack has been recognized as one of the most promising athletes in Europe for many years. He started playing in the PSG reserves, but in Metelerk Skopje’s senior handball he became the second goal scorer in the Siha League. He was also good at Nex Nazis, he started getting calls to the national team and he played in the World Cup. Croatia’s relocation seems to be on par with the expulsion of Vadisov Kules, who has not lived up to expectations for months.

Next to Jeganjack, Nedim Remili, Benoit Councoud and Stos Scoop will move to Keells in 2022. The talented Sweet Elliott Stenmalm can also be awarded to Polish champions (talk is ongoing). A year later, a mysterious player from Southern Europe will play in Somia Vive, whose transfer has already been announced by Cervas.

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