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Expressen now launches daily news podcast ‘The Situation’

Expressen now launches daily news podcast ‘The Situation’

Expressen will now bring together the biggest stories in our daily podcast. In “Läget” with Sally Sjöberg, the listener gets to know each day’s latest news in a mixture of breaking news and in-depth information – in just 15 minutes.

– We should feel personal, rap, explanatory and warm even if we are talking about heavy news. It should be a classic mix of evening tabloids, but with a warm twist, says host Sally Sjöberg.

The podcast is for anyone interested in news, but has a special focus on young listeners.

– There has been a lack of news broadcasts that capture a youth perspective, says presenter Sally Sjöberg.

“More close-up and background”

Colleagues from the Expressen editorial staff visit Sally every day.

– Our journalists who are experts in their subjects will be able to provide more details, close-ups and background on current news, says Klas Granström, Editor-in-Chief of Expressen.

Listeners will catch a new episode with Sally Sjöberg every weekday. All Expressen podcasts are available at SpotifyAnd Podcaster and all other platforms where podcasts are posted.

Expressen’s second daily podcast

“Läget” is Expressen’s second daily podcast to launch in a short time. Last week saw the premiere of the football podcast “fast football”, which quickly found its way onto the sports podcast charts. The episodes are released every weekday morning and are led by Philippe Gad who, together with Expressen’s football correspondents, recaps the latest on world football.

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