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Facebook and Youtube removed the fake clips with Zelenskyj

Facebook and Youtube removed the fake clips with Zelenskyj

Earlier this week, DN wrote about Ukraine Warning that Russia will release a fake movie It seems that President Volodymyr Zelensky is urging the Ukrainian people to surrender. The clip will use what’s called deepfake technology, a way for computers to manipulate moving images so that people say and do things they haven’t said or done before.

“It will not be a real film but created by algorithms and machine learning. It is almost impossible to distinguish films made using these technologies from real ones,” wrote the Strategic Communication and Information Security Center, a division of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture.

On Wednesday, Facebook and YouTube announced that they had removed such clips from their pages. “Earlier today, we identified and removed a fake video that purports to show President Zelensky making a statement he never made,” wrote Meta Security Chief Nathaniel Glaisher.

CNN Reports too About the clip, which they reviewed themselves: “In the film, it appears that Zelensky is standing behind a presidential podium in front of a box bearing the Ukrainian coat of arms. He wears a green shirt and tells Ukrainians in Ukrainian to lay down their arms.”

Youtube spokesperson Ivy Choi said the information was posted multiple times after it was removed from the platform because it violated the company’s misleading information policy. “We only allow a video if it appears in a context that could be considered artistic, documentary, or educational,” Choi said in a statement.

Zelensky looked Publish His video posted on the official Ukrainian Twitter account where he announced that he will continue to defend the country against Russian invaders.

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Therefore, the Ukrainian leadership fears a fake surrender in the film