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Facebook crash.  Mark Zuckerberg lost seven billion dollars

Facebook crash. Mark Zuckerberg lost seven billion dollars

Shares of social media companies fell about 5% on Monday. Mark Zuckerberg is now ranked 5th in the world behind Bill Gates on the list of billionaires. After the site’s dark side emerged a few weeks ago, the failure of the most popular social media on Monday, including the biggest player Facebook, further toppled Zuckerberg.

Did Facebook ignore users’ issues?

REMEMBER – Since September 13 “The Wall Street Journal” has published a series of articles based on internal Facebook documents. Facebook files. They show that Facebook has ignored the issues that its products and services create among users. It goes along with publishing content that has a negative impact on users, or the useless fight against the toxic influence of Instagram, cyber hatred or the spread of misinformation in the psyche of young people.

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