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Fall Guys will now be free and coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

For days it was expected that there will be a “big announcement” for Fall Guys on Monday 16th of May, and now we have finally confirmed that the game will be arriving in versions for Nintendo Switch and Xbox, and the best thing is that it will arrive no longer being paid to you and now you can play for free.

It will be from June 21, 2022 when Fall Guys will be free for everyone, and on the same day it will also arrive in a version for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Epic Games Store, as well as a next-generation PlayStation 5 version with cross-play and cross-platform progression. the basic.

It should be remembered that until now this title was exclusive to PlayStation and PC. Below you can watch the trailer with the news:

This version will also come with a new season with lots of new challenges and rewards for new and returning players, as well as adjustments to the progression systems and a new currency called Beans.

The action is said to begin with Season One: Free For All, a season in which little beans will arrive in droves in a giant arena to compete for glory in all-new events and locations.

Also, as a way to thank Fall Guys players for their support of the game since its launch, existing players will get a “Legacy Pack” that comes with a set of cosmetic items and their first season pass for free. The Season Pass is a reloaded new version of the free progression path that can be purchased with the new in-game currency, but if you prefer, the free progression path and the current currency, Commendations, will still be there.

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Now you know Fall Guys will be free starting June 21 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Javier Flores Villarreal is a fan of video games, movies, series, cars and good music. You can find him on Twitter as Tweet embed.