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"Farmer seeks wife" Episode 11. Kamala resigns from participating in the show! [STRESZCZENIE ODCINKA] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“Farmer seeks wife” Episode 11. Kamala resigns from participating in the show! [STRESZCZENIE ODCINKA] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

What happened in the 11th episode of the show: “The farmer is looking for a wife”? At this time there were romantic dates for farmers and farmers, during which many important talks took place, but before that, Camila decided to end her relationship with Adam, thus withdrawing from further participation in the show …

“Farmer is looking for a wife”, Season 8, Episode 11 – aired on TV on November 28, 2021. What happened? Summary

Episode 11 of the show: “Farmer seeks wife” was full of many romantic moments; Participants can talk about their feelings on land, water and even air! However, Kamala and Adam were not given a love date … why? Answer below!

Camila from the show “Farmer looking for a wife”

In the new episode, viewers saw the continuation of Camila’s visit to Adam. The farmer openly admitted that Adam could talk too! During the vaporetto trip, the woman was asked to confirm the progress from her lips.

Camila was stubborn though.

I could not feel the lights – to be honest. Because I do not feel lust and because I do not see “that one” … – The farmer agreed, he told Adam directly that he had not decided to continue their relationship.

Adam quietly made his decision.

Kamil from the show “Farmer seeks wife”

Josiah openly admits that the couple is almost inseparable and did not miss Camille!

We are officially a relationship together – Proud farmer.

Kamil’s choice also mentioned plans to live with her boyfriend! The couple thought seriously about the next stage of their relationship.

Then Kamil and Josiah went on a trip around the lake, exchanged a lot of love, and then they appeared on horseback. During a romantic party, the couple raised a snack together for their future and even talked about engagement. Josiah and Kamil got into the balloon and such a trip was a very brave move for the farmer. Man does not hide his fear of heights.

Elspita from the show “Farmer looking for a wife”

Elżbieta and Marek went on a date together, and the couple never left each other tender.

I think we are getting closer to each other; We are going in the direction it should go – Marek said.

During the excursion, the couple even talked about Elizabeth’s common future! The person asked the farmer directly about their future attitude, but Elizabeth was a little hesitant to answer. After a short rest, they went to the ruins of the castle, and at the end of the day they entered the Jacuzzi.

Shortly before the evening meeting, Marek did not hide the fact that he was waiting for a call from Elizabeth to his house. At dinner, Ella confirmed the candidate’s words that she did not see a common future in the distance.

Pick up the documents and bring your bags! I have a big cottage. Instead of staying with a friend: you will be with me, we will get to know each other, Marek – She agreed with the narrators.

Krzysztof from the project “The farmer is looking for a wife”

Focusia admitted to the cameras that he was already living with Christophe.

There are good moments, it’s beautiful, but there are also “bottoms” you have to deal with. These are emotions, experiences and pasts: mine and Christoff – Bogusława said.

The farmer did not hide the fact that there were good and bad times behind the couple.

We support each other together, but it doesn’t always work … all of this is hard to control – Added.

Bokoslava did not hide his fear of the unknown future.

We are afraid of what will happen. So what happened once will never happen again – She finished mysteriously.

The bride and groom went on a “date on the heights”, admiring the impressive view of the lake from the watchtower.

At dinner, the farmer did not hide his grief for his previous behavior.

It is known that something needs to be changed because it cannot be (…) – He said in front of the cameras, but without going into details.

I have no regrets about anything right now. We are on the right track and will fight to keep it that way – Bogusia added.

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