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Faults in the Polish Lada.  The Prime Minister: The consequences can still be drawn

Faults in the Polish Lada. The Prime Minister: The consequences can still be drawn

The head of government during his visit to Kokotov in the province Malopolska was responsible, inter alia, for questions about Errors in Polish Lada and its consequences.

An attack on the Polish deal?

Of course, all flaws and errors that were made must be corrected. I commissioned him as soon as I took office – very briefly, I hope – as Finance Minister. Staff-related consequences are also charted. If necessary, they will be drawn even further – He said Matthews Moraveki.

Due to errors in the Polish Lada tax, last Monday resigned from the post of Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kosinski. Subsequently, the deputy minister was removed from the ministry Jan Sarnovsky. After Kościński’s dismissal, the head of government became Minister of Finance.

The attack on the new tax rules is being carried out in a very interesting way, because it shows that there are people with higher monthly salaries, say 12, 20, 40, 50 thousand. PLN, and these people should actually add more to the joint budget, to the public finances – to be precise, because this is big money that goes directly to the National Health Fund, so that health service It can stand as high as possible (…). It is clear that these people do not want to contribute more to the common budget and thus the controversy taking place in the public space today – said Morawiecki.

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The Prime Minister admitted that there were errors and mistakes in the Polish Lada and that they were corrected. However, according to the head of government, little is said on the basis of this fixes tax. – The Polish tax system has been turned upside down. People who earn less in proportion to their earnings paid higher rewards. Is this fair? Was this the proper formation of the tax system by liberals from the “civil tribune”, formerly belonging to other parties? In my opinion, that was not appropriate – confirmed.

Polish arrangement

On January 1, the tax part of the Polish order entered into force. One of the most important changes it introduces program In taxes, there is an increase in the amount of tax exemption to 30,000 PLN and the income threshold up to 120 thousand. zloty. At the same time, the tax exemption for part (7.75%) of the 9% health insurance contribution has disappeared. This is to compensate for the so-called relief of the middle class, that is, people who earn from 5,000 PLN in a month 701 PLN up to 12 thousand PLN 800.

At the beginning of January The media However, they did report a number of professional and social groups that received significantly lower salaries after January 1 (including some teachers, uniformed service officers, and retirees). Government representatives announced changes to the tax part of the Polish deal.

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