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Final Fantasy XIV: It’s back on sale thanks to a new data center

Final Fantasy XIV has been so successful lately that the MMO had to be pulled from sale in order to be able to handle the attack on the servers. As promised, the new data center should handle the situation now.

Square Enix has officially announced today that the announcement made a few days ago has now been put into action and the starting shot for a new data center can be given. Set in Oceania, this provides new relief and abilities and thus also allows the return of the MMORPG for sale.

In conjunction with the release of update 6.08, Oceanic Data Center opens its doors today and allows the creation of new characters. Also, primary transfer to the world is possible from January 26th. Five worlds will be available here initially and are categorized as “New Worlds”. As such, these players give Special rewards when creating new characters or when transferring worlds:

  • Free home world transfer for players who move from another world
  • Double routine for newly created and transferred characters (up to level 80)
  • Gold and Silver Chocolate Feathers can be exchanged for special in-game rewards
  • And more…

Also, to celebrate the new data center, a map of Australia and New Zealand was created in the style of the in-game world map Hydaelyn. All cities and important landmarks are represented in it. There are also some creatures from the game that might look familiar to the locals. This card can It can be downloaded here as wallpaper.

The opening of the Oceanic Data Center is primarily aimed at ensuring a smoother gaming experience for all players in this region after recent difficulties on this front due to crowds. According to the creators, this also marks the beginning of a new strategy to increase the game’s global server capacity and thus counteract the overload that an increasing number of players brings with it.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Launch Trailer

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