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Finance Minister on the depreciation requirement: Is there a need for restraint?

Finance Minister on the depreciation requirement: Is there a need for restraint?

He added, “The government should signal with all its hands and stop the demand for extinguishing. Families are concerned and do not need evaluation or investigation.” That’s what it looked like when the finance minister talked about the amortization requirement in September last year.

According to Svantesson, it made promise at a time when inflation was thought to fall at three percent in 2023, but only a few months later projections landed at higher percentage points.

– There were different forecasts for 2023, and in December a clear task was given to the FSA to evaluate this valve that allows you to take a break, you say.

FI: Bad idea to drop the requirement

Even as the moderates made the promise, the authorities warned that a reduction was a bad idea. According to Henrik Braconier, chief economist at the FSA, the requirement was introduced to ensure that households take on slightly less debt and to reduce risks.

– This means that we entered into this crisis that we are now less indebted, and therefore less sensitive to interest rates. I think it’s a good idea to take that with you in the next upcoming crisis. It’s basically a requirement that we think should be there over time, he says.

Svantesson: He takes responsibility for a budget that does not lead to inflation

According to the Minister of Finance, the government has a responsibility for a budget that does not drive inflation and reduces fuel prices, electricity costs and the costs of people who are struggling on small margins.

– If we do too many things, it will be like throwing money on an inflationary fire – money burns but inflation will continue.

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It is important to do one thing at a time.

So it was the new inflation forecast for 2023 that made Elisabeth Svantesson cringe around consumption requirements.

What do you say to the voters who voted for you and now feel cheated?

Those who voted for us want us to take responsibility for the situation we are in now. When I see expectations changing rapidly and we see the recession seem prolonged, it’s important that we do one thing at a time, do the right thing.

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