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First Mats Hummels and now rapper Drake?  Hot dating rumors about Lisa Straub

First Mats Hummels and now rapper Drake? Hot dating rumors about Lisa Straub

Have you visited Drake? Lisa Marie Straub, influencer and table tennis player, is making a fuss with her Instagram story!

Dortmund / Toronto – Was she visiting Drake (35)? Influencer and table tennis player Lisa Marie Straub, 22, caused a stir on her Instagram story, apparently because she was allowed to visit one of her most prominent fans at home! Is there something going on between her and the rap star?

Lisa Marie Straub (22 years old) is currently in Toronto, the birthplace of American rapper Drake. She’s also wearing one of his shirts – perhaps sitting in his kitchen in one of the pictures! ©

Last August, the young woman from Dortmund made headlines because she was said to be the new girlfriend of BVB player Mats Hummels (33). Meanwhile, there are completely new rumors about the 22-year-old, because she is said to be dating American rapper Drake.

It wasn’t known until the end of May that the 35-year-old had been following the brunette beauty on Instagram – even then it was suspected that a conflict between the two might have occurred. But now Lisa has provided new clues in her Instagram story that seem to have more significance.

Several photos show her in Toronto, known as the birthplace of the world-famous musician. In one snap, she’s wearing a blue Drake T-shirt and writes, “This city… I don’t want to leave.”

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But the second photo that sparked rumors most of a fire was of Lisa sitting in a posh kitchen in an orange top. So far nothing unusual.

But die-hard fans have now discovered that this kitchen is supposed to be in Drake’s mansion! Did he allow the influencer to visit the rapper himself?

Does American rapper Drake (35) have a new girlfriend from Germany?

Does American rapper Drake (35) have a new girlfriend from Germany? © Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / dpa

As a guide to guess the kitchen ein Video des YouTube-Kanals “Famous Entertainment” serve. There is a small tour of the 35-year-old’s $100 million mansion – and you can also take a look at the elegant kitchen. Indeed, the white design and ceiling lights seem to match the photo from Lisa’s Insta story.

At least that’s what it looks like, but it can’t be verified for sure. Because whether there was anything in all of this, whether the 22-year-old was really allowed to stop by the “Hot Line Bling” translator and whether something romantic was going on between them, only the two of us currently know.

But it is also possible that a table tennis player prefers to remain silent about the story. cute – good After the fuss around about the alleged Hummels case, she explained: “I prefer confidentiality and privacy. Not everything belongs to the public domain.”

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