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FluBot: Banking Trojans abound in Germany

IT security firm Bitdefender Labs has also discovered that there is significant FluBot Banking Trojan activity in Germany. Also known as Cabassous, Trojan horse arrives on Android devices via fake apps. While the malware spreads worldwide, more than 60 percent of all cases are said to have occurred in Germany. The cause of the dubious victory may be a scam that FluBot used in this country: unscrupulous criminals use a fake version of the DHL mobile app. An application with the original version installed on more than a million devices all over Germany.

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Bank and contact details in focus

For stability, the sinister twin of the message and parcel service app bypasses the official Google Play Store. Instead, criminals urge unsuspecting users to download the fake app onto their own devices. If it doesn’t have a proper protection program, the FluBot Trojan has an easy job. This gives him access to a large amount of private information such as bank and contact details. Exclusively left: The malware targets your relatives and friends. With the help of the stolen contacts, malware operators send personalized SMS text messages to the victims’ friends and families.

Criminals use SMS fraud

The tactic used is also known as smishing. To do this, the infected device sends real names and phone numbers to a command and control server. You can think of it as a central computer that uses data to fill out SMS templates. Disguised as a DHL message, the server in turn sends the final SMS to the relevant contacts with a request to download the fake application. A deceptive scam starts over and over again. So we recommend that you never download apps outside of the official app stores and that you also use security software for mobile devices. Bitdefender Mobile Security, for example, is convenient because it reliably detects FluBot attacks.

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