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Fogiel: I hope to get quick approval from the European Commission on reducing VAT

2021-12-16 08:49

2021-12-16 08:49

Fogiel: I hope to get quick approval from the European Commission on reducing VAT
Photo: Andrzej Hulimka / / Forum

We need to have the approval of the European Commission on reducing VAT, but I hope this approval will be, and more importantly, it will be soon, PiS Deputy Spokesman Radosław Fogiel said on Thursday.

The government wants to temporarily reduce the VAT on food in Poland from 5 percent. At 0 percent and fuel at 23 percent. At 8 percent Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who has been in Brussels since the European Council convenes on Thursday, told a news conference on Wednesday that he would urge the European Commission to agree to such a VAT cut.

On Thursday, Fozy in Virtualna polska asked if he expected a positive response from the European Commission in Virtualna Polska, recalling EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Goni recalling Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński for the possibility of temporarily applying the reduced VAT rate on fuels in Poland.

“I hope the European Commission agrees.” “This is one of the factors that needs to be taken into account – not good or bad, but one of the consequences of our membership in the EU. We must have the approval of the European Commission, but I hope this approval will be., Most importantly, it will be soon,” he added. Deputy Spokesperson for PiS.

On Wednesday evening, in the building where the PiS headquarters are located, the inscription “PiS = DROŻYZNA” was displayed as part of the civic platform campaign, which was reported by PO politicians on social media.

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When asked about the process, Fozil replied, “An elementary school student writes that someone is stupid somewhere in the bathroom at school and then, as if he gets so much satisfaction, he can notice that its teachers are very happy about themselves.” It’s not. “But everyone seeks methods closer to him,” Fogiel said.

Noting that it was too expensive, the PiS deputy spokesman agreed that it was OK, but booked that the equivalent sign was false here.

When asked if Fogiel would agree with “PiS = EXPENSIVE”, he replied that the PiS had repeatedly spoken about the reasons for the current high inflation. In this case, he insisted, the prices were in line with one another. The cost of the massive financial effort that went into saving employers from bankruptcy during epidemics and saving millions of poles from losing their jobs. “Anti-crisis shields worked, unemployment did not increase, but it is rising again” – he agreed.

The PiS deputy added that the authors of the inscription on the ul building. Nowogrodzka, while accepting the shields, accused the rulers that they were not enough, and that if the shields were high, as the opposition wished, inflation would be high today. (BAP)

Author: Grzegorz Bruszewski

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