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Fortuna League 1: Grzeszczyk as Grzeszczak! Play concerts and beat GKS

GKS Tychy’s captain, Łukasz Grzeszczyk, played a great match.

‘Let’s enjoy the little things’ – Seluia Grizeszak sings, while JKS captain Tichy Okasz Grzeczyk can enjoy an impressive performance in Round 11 of the Fortuna 1 Liga. The Silesian team won with Odra Opole 2: 1 and scored two goals.

It was a confrontation between two teams who aspire to be at the forefront of PKO BP Ekstraklasa’s back office. In the last four matches, Opole scored eight points, winning the previous two matches. GKS’s form is even more impressive, as evidenced by its balance of seven league games without a consecutive defeat and as many as five wins in this period.

So direct competition is going to be exciting. There was only one goal in the first half, but what a goal! In the 22nd minute, Grzeszczyk brilliantly tried, who surprised Odra’s goalkeeper with a “behind the collar” shot. Thanks to this blow, the captain of the GKS team extended the shooting streak to three league matches in a row.

In the second half, Obol went up to the front, leading to a tie in the 54th minute. At the time, Mateusz Marzek was the most cunning in the GKS penalty area, hitting the ball from a few meters after hitting the crossbar.

When it seemed that the match would end with a split of points, the referee at the end of the match ordered a penalty kick for Tichy’s team. The 34-year-old got close to the ball, reclaiming the lead for Tesci with a sure kick, scoring the fourth goal himself this season.

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There were no more goals and GKS could have enjoyed another win this season, which allowed him to move up to third in the table. Measles still ranks eighth.

GKS Tychy – Audra Opole 2:1 (1:0)
Objectives: Grzeszczyk 22, 83 (k) – Mar 54

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