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Fortune Poland Cup: PGE FKS Stal Mielec – Wisła Kraków. Direct coverage and results

In the 1/32 final of the Polish Cup Fortune, Stall Milek will lead Visa Krakow. Which leading league teams will play in the next round? Direct coverage and results on

This is the second match between the teams this season. Previously, the club played in league games, where Stall was the winner. Milexani won 2: 1 Alexandra Koleva And Matthews Mac.

This time, however, the visa was preferred. “White Star” Lech Bosna wants to wash the stain after losing 0: 5. Krakow’s players want to advance further in the National Cup than the previous version. It was then that they exited KSZO Ostrowiec in the first round of the Fortune Poland Cup.

Stalin’s coach, Adam Majewski, is focused on league games, so he will retire on Wednesday evening for the most important players. In Vistula, we will definitely not see Jacob Paskikovsky, Alan Eureka and Nikola Quegelicia.

Live broadcast of the PGE FKS Stal Mielec – Wisła Kraków match from 20:30

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