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Franck Azima, coach of Toulon, after the defeat to Clermont: “We lack certainty”

“What is the feeling that leaves you in this defeat at Claremont (16-31)?
We struggled from start to finish but we didn’t give up. He’s an interesting character on the set, that’s 80-minute solidarity. We came across a team from Claremont catching the ball, constantly pressing us, but the players stayed in it. Eight minutes from the end, we only had five points and that was the result of our state of mind! We have a lot of things to do, and we know that. It’s been a good week at work, the boys are invested. But this did not happen in three days. We have to maintain this character, and the desire to progress is essential.

How do you explain the lack of discipline in RCT, being penalized 19 times during the match?
Our lack of discipline was an excess of commitment and a team that put us under pressure, who had more ball than us. So we exposed ourselves. We played 13 for 10 minutes, it’s expensive. It proves that we have a lot of things to fix. But our generosity is a good basis for action.

“For me it’s not good to have a holiday now, but the players need it, they’ve been through hard times”

RCT Clermont rarely compromised…
If our game and rhythm were so easy to master, it would be known! We tried to improve things during the week, to focus on how well we can work together. I won’t tell you that I’m happy with the match, I see the result as you do, but we had the match. We were poor in what we built, we need to work together. We lack certainty in what we are building. For me, it’s not good to have time off now, but the players need it, they’ve been through hard times. It is important that they do their best, and return with freshness of mind. It will be easier to continue building.

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How do you feel when you return to Claremont in the visitors locker room, less than six months after you left?
It’s not the same standard but it’s nice to come back here! I just had a great time here so I won’t spit on it. Thank the audience. And with some players (Who came to greet him when they were replaced)It’s almost friendship, it’s touching when you see real boys like these. I’ve spent a lot of time with them and we share the same values. “