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Francoise Fabian: Why did you travel by compass when using public transport?

Françoise Fabienne guest-starred at Laurent Delahousse at 8:30 pm Sunday May 23, 2021. An opportunity for the actress to talk about her funny approach to “brushing” on public transport.

Francoise Fabian is a woman of character. In her shoes, the actress is not the type to give up and even less so than men. A guest on a group of 8:30 pm on Sunday, May 23, Rich Actress of more than 60 years of her career This spirit of rebellion that stirred him from a young age. She especially noted the surprisingly surprising way her mother gave her to fight those she names “Skirmishes”, In public transport: “When you are a student, when you take buses and public transport, there are always diamonds. Sometimes the touchers leave marks on our skirts and my mother is in a terrible rage.” Did you start first before continuing: She said to me, “Listen, take your compass and as soon as you feel that one of the brushes is giving a big push to the compass.” A technique that Francoise Fabian has apparently followed literally since it was nicknamed long ago “The girl with a compass.”

Who is not cool in the eyes He was also wanted on the field when she was young. The 88-year-old star said she broke the teeth of one of her classmates that terrorized the establishment. Francoise Fabian did not hesitate to attack him to put an end to this and restore order: “I took a broom from the schoolyard and broke a tooth.” Frankly blew up.

Francoise Fabian reveals the secret behind her white lock

Still on the set of the Laurent Delahousse show, Francoise Fabian revealed how her famous white fuse, which she has worn for many years, turned out: “It appeared when my father passed away. It appeared the next day after my father passed away … So I dyed it for years, and then one wonderful day, where I was wearing a white wig to play a role, I said to myself, ‘Well, my white wig, I leave it, then here it is, I left it “. A moving confidence that moved the actress a lot: “I am still haunted by my past life.” Noted with emotion.

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