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Friday, October 22nd.  Thermometers show up to 19 degrees.  And the air will weaken

Friday, October 22nd. Thermometers show up to 19 degrees. And the air will weaken

On Friday, it will be hotter in the Masopolsky and Tolnolovsky polling stations. How many degrees of temperature do thermometers show in other parts of the country? We respond.

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Cold winters and global warming. “Expected it to be hot caught”

Weather on Friday 22nd October. Warmer in the south and west of the country

On Friday, October 22, high temperatures will be marked by thermometers at the Masopolsky and Tolnolezky Voicehips. Residents of these provinces can experience temperatures of up to 19 degrees. Less than a degree in thermometers will appear in the residents of Greater Poland Voivotship.

Giant pumpkin from Potassium. There will be no soup from 605 kg “Barbara”

17 degrees will be marked by thermometers in the Lubelsky and Pomorsky provinces. Residents of provinces such as Provdzkie, Lubuskie, ęwiętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie can expect 16 degrees. Because of the very low 15 degrees, the following voivodships should be expected: Mazowieckie, Zachodniopomorskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie.

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Weather forecast. Friday Cloudy and rainy, but hot

According to IMGW weather forecasters, winds will probably ease slightly on Friday. On the coast alone, strong winds with speeds of up to 60 km / hr are possible in some places. The day will be very cloudy and rainy. Rain is expected especially along the coast and in the south of the country.

Wind blown trees on a railway track (chart)Gale on top of Poland. The tree fell on the rails in Pasvis. They are injured

“From Friday to Saturday night, the weather can change dramatically” – reports the Meteorological and Water Management Institute.

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From the northwest, cold, Arctic air mass will begin to flow into Poland, and the expanding high-pressure wedge will bring a lot of cloudless skies. Even if the days are sunny, expect a slight frost at night when the temperature drops.