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Ft!  Bonucci was happy with the fans.  Suddenly an air attendant stepped into action

Ft! Bonucci was happy with the fans. Suddenly an air attendant stepped into action

The Italians are ecstatic. Their representation advanced to the Euro 2020 final, after a fierce battle with Spain. From the 60th minute, the Italians led Federico Cisa’s goal, and 20 minutes later Alvaro Morata equalized. Overtime does not reveal a winner, so the penalty kick must decide on promotion to the final. Although Manuel Locatelly made a mistake in the first round for the Italian side, Danny Olmo and Alvaro Morata did not score between the penalty Spaniards.

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We do not know the Spaniards yet. This is a team without security

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There was unbridled joy among the players and among the fields occupied by the Italian fans. As is usual in situations like this, players celebrate with the fans and come to the stands. One such player is Leonardo Bonucci. He approached Italian fans and had fun with them. Stewarts standing in front of him stopped the fans trying to get as close to the guard as possible.

The flight attendant did not identify Bonusi. She wanted to prevent him from entering the pitch

One of the flight attendants went a little farther to stop the fans and wanted to move the bonus back to the stand. The woman misunderstood the Italian defender, who was one of the fans who wanted to break the line of bodyguards and run on the pitch. Bonucci was clearly stunned.

The flight attendant is a funny thing among fans, but she can’t be surprised. Many fans, under the influence of emotions, are able to explode on the pitch to cheer up some time with their favorites. It finally happened – one of the fans joined the celebrating Italians for a moment.

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In addition, there is already the situation of a fan landing during the Euro. For example, in the group stage it was a match between Germany and Hungary. While playing the Hungarian national anthem, a German fan appeared with a rainbow flag on the pitch. During the match between France and Switzerland in the 1/8 final, one of the fans appeared on the pitch.

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