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Gims married to two women? clarify things

In an interview with Journal du Dimanche, in its Sunday, January 23 issue, James responded to rumors of polygamy. “This is completely wrong.”, confirmed.

Before she said “yes” to Dimim, James was in an affair with another woman, the mother of her two first children. corn, Contrary to rumors, he is not married to two women. In 2005, James and Dimdim got married, a year after they met at a concert. Together they had three children. And since then, they live in Morocco, in a villa in Marrakech owned by the rapper. Asked Sunday newspaperIn the Sunday edition of January 23 about polygamy rumors, he vehemently denied: “This is completely wrong.”He said: “I live with Dimim and the children. I only got married once. I didn’t say it publicly. I did not want to dwell on this rumor. The rumor is extinguished when it reaches the ear of smart people. I have confidence in the intelligence of my audience.”

stones: “It must have been the fact of living in Morocco that brought about this ambiguity.”

The rumors have been going on for years. It is preserved in small sentences. Like DemDem’s recent statement on his Instagram account about polygamy: “I accept everything that comes from my religion”, I wrote. “I didn’t see this message”Gims, commented, before explaining why he wasn’t denying it earlier: “Nobody talks to me about it. My fans never talk to me about it. It came from somewhere else, and I don’t know exactly where. It’s been around for a very long time, that rumor, since the time I was part of the Sexion d’Assault group.” . Living in Morocco must have brought this mystery. Now it is clear.

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