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Global Update 5 and Xbox Series X Coming Soon

From Thelo Bayer
Global Update 5 and Xbox Series X version will be coming out very soon with Flight Simulator. PCGH has compiled all known information on this topic.

E3 2021, especially Microsoft Showcase, has already started or is still in its infancy. Of course, there is also expected news about Flight Simulator.

Flight Simulator: What’s New?

The developers at Asobo and Publisher Microsoft aren’t (yet) in the right mood for information. On the developer’s blog But at least Thursday’s release of Global Update 5 for Flight Simulator was pinned. she literally says:

Global Update 5: Nordic countries will be available for download next Thursday, June 17th. We hope you enjoyed this free update full of new attractions and airports in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. We don’t have any news on the next opportunity to fly, but stay tuned.

If this date is correct, Microsoft is a week ahead. Because: in general roadmap Stands for June 17. Nothing exciting, in fact Global Update 5 should not be released until June 24th. Come. Here the plans seem to have changed. But this may also have something to do with another piece of news about Flight Simulator. Gamestop Ireland reports that the Xbox Series X version of Flight Simulator announced for the summer will release on June 15, which is Tuesday. Verge journalist Tom Warren adds and explains that Microsoft has also shown a trailer for Flight Simulator, which runs in 4K resolution on Xbox Series X, as part of the pre-briefing for the Xbox E3 event. The trailer will air on Sunday and end with the words: “Landing on the Xbox Series X.” Plus, Xbox Series X and S preinstallation is already available — the latter in particular should come as a surprise.

The release of Microsoft’s next-generation console release is closely tied to support for Direct X 12. Last week, Asobo and Microsoft promised testing options for an update that should bring “important performance updates” with it. There is no additional information on this in the current developers blog, which is why the simultaneous release of DX12 for PC and the version of XSX is somewhat unlikely. Unfortunately.

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