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Glossary: ​​Farewell Gerland: At 66 years old, a tiger must be gone

Glossary: ​​Farewell Gerland: At 66 years old, a tiger must be gone

New coach Julian Nagelsmann brought his own assistant to Bayern Munich. What Hermann Gerland will do in the future.

Life is a continuous learning process. Those who are not ready to continue their education and adapt will have difficulty. Example: digitization. Before the wretched virus guided daily life and restricted freedoms, only water sports enthusiasts “FICO” were known. As a boat brand. Today, however, every first grader knows how to join a video conference on Zoom, Webex, Skype or Teams. And the 90-year-old grandmothers touch each other on their smartphones to video chat with the grandchildren, of course.

Technical progress does not stop at anyone. Nowadays, game analysts taunt anyone who rates a footballer based on his personal performance on the field as a regular. Miles, Ball Contacts, Passing Rate and Interference. Computer chips on the body and cameras record even when the big toe moves. Would Hermann Gerland use that kind of experience? In any case, he is not suspected of scientifically making football.

Hermann Gerland’s nicknames: “Tiger” and Oak

His nicknames – in Munich They call him “Tiger”, in his hometown of Bochum, “Ok” – show us what the coach has made. Fits into the image that Bayern Munich fans refer to at Grünwalder Strasse as “Hermann-Gerland-Kampfbahn”. He wanted to hear about his experiences Bayern Munich The past few decades do not do without it. Besides famous coaches, he provided support. Whimsical, crested and iconic. In addition, it enabled Lam, Schweinsteiger, Muller or Alaba to pursue a professional career with rich titles.

It is a mistake to assume that Gerland did not develop further during this time. Anyone who takes on Van Gaal’s orders, watches Guardiola’s tactics and remains steadfast on red wine tours with Ancelotti, will learn a lot.

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Nagelsmänner: Not with power, but with power

But after this season, it’s over at Bayern. At the age of 66 he should go tiger. One is exactly the half-life Julian Nagelsmann He brings your own thoughts and accompanies your assistant coach. So people who are rarely energized, but often work with electricity.

And what will Gerland do in the spare time he gained? Instead of kickers, he will now only throw competition horses across the field. After all, it is a successful hobby breeder. He might also be disturbing his grandchildren with video calls. Or, he awaits Bayern Munich’s next rematch – after Gerland has contaminated Nagelsmann’s Ipads with viruses and Trojans.

Even the tiger learns.

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