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Golden Joystick Awards 2021. Meet the Game of All Time

Golden Joystick Awards 2021. Meet the Game of All Time

In this year’s poll 2021 Golden Steering Wheel Awards Resident Evil: Village has turned out to be the best game in the past 12 months. The production won not only in the Game of the Year category, but was also named Best Production for PlayStation consoles and the title with Best Sound. In addition, it is in production Maggie Robertson, who played Mrs. Dmitrescu, won the bust for best acting performance.

The rest of the material under the podcast window technically:

Two additional prizes look especially interesting The best equipment ever I Best game ever. She won the first of these categories computer platform, whose figurine was taken by Gabe Newell from Valve. The game of all time has been perfect Evil spirits, although it’s hard to say if it’s perfect enough not to find a better location in gaming’s 50-year history. You can see all the winners in the attached gallery.

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